3D was founded in 1995 by Dinaz, a lady who has passion for party décor with inherent creative skills and excellent organizing abilities with a mission to…

Mission ..

“To provide diverse celebrations/parties/events with most creative, highly imaginative and beautiful décor at optimum value to hosting clients and create classy environments that will provide hosts, their invitees and audiences with unforgettable experience which can be reflected with pleasure down the memory lanes.”

Over the years 3D lived up to its mission. It grew from strength to strength and décor by 3D today is considered a bench mark in the event management and party décor industry, patronized repeatedly by several clients of repute throughout the state of AP and beyond.

The scope of work at 3D encompasses a wide array of activities and services which are designed to present a “One-Stop-Shop” concept to clients and relieve them from all hassles associated with making the venue ready for hosting the celebration. Hundreds of successfully executed projects over the years has enabled 3D to amass highly experienced & skilled work force, remarkable inventory of props and gizmos, large knowledge bank of designs, creative concepts and know-how, extensive network of reliable and time-tested suppliers & associates and lastly an enviable reputation of delivering the desired service in time within the budgets to the esteemed clients.

The scope covers;

Designing and printing of invitations
Designing and erecting infrastructure for entrance, walkway, stage, seating and
… dining areas
Flora and fabric décor
Lighting, props and gizmos to enhance the decor
Sound & audio systems
Personnel services such as hostesses, DJs and master of ceremonies etc
Entertainment by celebrated/ reputed artistes
Any other specifically spelled out and agreed upon services

Work culture at 3D is based on firm belief that

“Success is not an accident; it is the result of meticulous planning, quest for perfection in implementation, teamwork and commitment to excellence.”

The Masterpiece

The Masterpiece

9510_10151819131238355_474048279_n 13244_10152119762338355_701479079_n 31896_10151344066293355_568573057_n 61715_10151344026228355_1824477563_n 226502_10151372266398355_1028183653_n 385916_10151368924813355_1162440268_n 417671_10151372266683355_815085187_n 421528_10151372269848355_774215105_n 581815_10151372266418355_166518205_n 625493_10151372266288355_237239477_n 857844_10151352170208355_554886920_o 933974_10151696702133355_2033183281_n 994345_10151759027413355_688560510_n 994423_10151986565493355_1277243503_n 996100_10151986565608355_1633058456_n 1009863_10151728901723355_847853976_n 1009867_10151708180338355_745527028_n 1012464_10151882369463355_1405722099_n 1017162_10152010816383355_1114769609_n 1174594_10151779897698355_1204047885_n 1185704_10151718289363355_29670387_n 1187088_10151696766408355_1033409930_n 1238357_10151718289198355_235191555_n 1256539_10151718289238355_881303227_n 1378531_10151827409918355_1312696996_n 1378771_10151829546263355_1867144176_n 1379237_10151807941603355_1139795125_n 1380072_10151821374408355_1117086904_n 1381632_10151854953993355_1519317103_n 1383459_10151793574728355_1761621348_n 1385737_10151846900988355_371769809_n 1394082_10151836555753355_96695283_n 1459771_10151872218478355_1658698591_n 1461415_10151888537968355_1572180088_n 1486137_10152010687163355_1303510657_o 1512550_10151964495118355_1084013231_n 1512673_10152010816043355_1800643008_n 1521571_10151964493933355_1713599161_n 1524966_10152010815598355_1178246149_n 1525014_10152010814878355_1273378309_n 1536422_10152010816293355_955120086_n 1546245_10152055533713355_455014710_n 1618480_10152081362693355_903293683_n 1619271_10152180645428355_3909688219229406496_n 1907971_10152154022233355_2111969317_n 1939860_10152180645018355_9035278957204561323_n 1959214_10152147502908355_1591183316_n 1959516_10152096991078355_1687242815_n 1982284_10152180645508355_3119273958596933296_n 10155886_10152180645423355_220858293639158486_n 10156061_10152180644998355_8702002520602781447_n 10174790_10152180645043355_2361735913753239691_n


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